More Time for YOU: Our classes are longer—almost all drop-off classes are now 2 hours in length giving parents even more time!

Preschool + toddler sessions  will begin again in January 2015. We had an unexpected fire and are re-building! Below is the schedule for all of our programs. To read about a specific one, click to visit the class page.
*Save another $5.00 off a full 12 week session if you mail in your form & send along a check!

At HFB we offer 1 day classes on holidays plus vacation mini camps + cooking classes. Please see the Programs page for dates!

Tentative  Class   Schedule

Class Title Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Toddlers in the Kitchen*** 20 mos – 3 yr olds 9:45-10:45 8:30-9:30 9:45-10:45
Beginner Bakers/Mix-it-Up 3-5 yr olds 9:00-10:45
11:15-1:00 w/lunch*3:30-5:30
 9:00-10:4511:15-1:00* 9:15-11:15
Chefs in Training 4 – 6 yr olds 12:30-2:30 1:30-3:30 9:45-11:45*
First Grade Book/Cook Clubs 3:15-5:15 3:15-5:15

**More classes will be added based on client needs.
Children are welcome to join after session start dates and tuition will be pro-rated!


A one time registration fee of $20.00 is assessed for the first session you enroll for each calendar year. This is good for one calendar year!

HopMoms Club:

If you are a HopMom’s Club member, don’t forget to enter your coupon code during online registration.


Occasionally HFB photographs children during class. The photos may be used for marketing purposes. If you prefer not to have your child photographed, please notify the Director.

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