Feb 2012

Online Presence – What’s a Small Biz Owner to Do?

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They say…if you can’t do something well and can’t do it regularly…don’t do it!

As a small biz owner staring at my inbox and the plethora of sites I’m supposed to be pinning, posting and propogating sales from – it is over the top!  In an effort to streamline my online presence I have decided to go back to my roots. HFB has always focused on quality over quantity but I allowed “them” to get the best of me and I dipped my feet in all the online oceans!   In order to reign in the online game I am retreating (not to be confused with retweeting ;) and deciding how best my clients would like to listen to us. We’re not leaving Facebook or Twitter (and I did just join Pinterest!) but taking a hiatus from blogging and the like.

Please remember to check our site for classes, camps, birthday parties and more – those will be my focus!

Thanks for understanding and see you in the blog world in the spring- re-energized!

Mary Murphy




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