As parents, we all want our child(ren) to become enthusiastic readers, but who will you trust to accomplish that lofty goal & when do you start?

At Hooray for Books we instill a positive attitude towards reading (and cooking too) that will last a lifetime. Starting with toddlers on up, we make learning so unique and so fun with our one-of-a-kind reading + cooking activities, kind-hearted teachers and totally humorous lessons that tie in  activities you won’t find anywhere else.

Our secret ingredient? We use humor (by the cupful) to make the lessons and learning come to life so  students leave with a delicious and lasting memory of the lesson and the learning! All this while mom/dad takes advantage of 2 hrs. of useable time!

Offering weekly classes for 1-10 yr. olds, birthday parties, no school/vacation day mini camps, summer  camps, 1st grade book/cook clubs & more!

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